Glow of the Caribbean


Night Glow Blue Topaz Pendant: Reflections  NG125LP-BT.P-CB  Blue Topaz pendant available in 14K, 10K, Platinum Silver or Silver.  Have it your way!

Retail: $895.00 - 14K Gold  •  $795.00 - 10K Gold  •  $695.00 - Platinum Silver  •  $495.00 - Silver

Night Glow Blue Topaz Teardrop Pendant: Caribbean Waters  NG111.LP.BT.P-CB

14K white gold all natural Swiss blue tear drop checkerboard top Topaz. The halo is vivid blue natural sapphires pave' set into two rows graduating to dark blue at the bottom. and draping natural sapphires diminishing into white diamonds. Pendant comes with a heavy 14K 18" hammered finish cable chain with 14K mariner lobster claw.  Total gem and diamond weight is approximately 14.25 cts.  Retail USD: $2.900.00





Night Glow jewelry designed specifically for beach lovers & sun seekers.  You'll always remember your trip to the islands when you gaze into the glow of the Caribbean pendant glowing the same blue of the Caribbean waters.


Night Glow Blue Topaz Pendant in Sterling Silver: Reflections  NG.127LP.BT.P-CB  2.8 ct. Teardrop shape Natural Swiss Blue topaz set in Sterling Silver.  Retail USD $499.00 - SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE: $299.00



Night Glow Blue Topaz Pendant with Starfish: Memories  NG126.LP-BT.P.CB  Natural 2.8 ct Blue Swiss Topaz pendant. Available in:

14K Gold - $895.00  •  10K Gold - $795.00  •  Platinum Silver - $695.00  •  Silver/Rhodium Finish - $495.00

New!  SunSeeker Genuine hand-turned 8.5mm Larimar Bead 18" necklace with authentic whale bone beads between each Larimar bead.  Larimar is only mined in the Caribbean Dominican Republic and because of it's turtle back swirl, it is called Caribbean Turquois.  The swirls match the foam and the blue matches the color of the Caribbean waters.  This is among the highest grade on the market, plus the 925 silver fish & wave toggle clasp feature an 18K yellow gold dangling starfish.  This is truly a SunSeekers dream piece.
Our Price: $495.00

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