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Cutting New Horizons With Night Glow!

Successful Cutting of Cubic Zirconia Material

This picture of the Ocular Brand Cut in Oval shows a 7X5mm Ocular Oval with the membrane exposed for testing purposes.

It is shown in the Sea Foam Reflective color.  February 11,2016.

Known as Cubic Crystaline form of Zirconium Dioxide (ZrO2). The synthesized material is hard, optically flawless and may be made in a variety of different colors.

What we are cutting is not Zirconium Silicate (ZrSio4).

We will be offering the Night Glow® Cubic Zirconia at a new Lower Pricepoint - coming soon!

We have been able to develop the colored gemstones using the night glow process

By using the patented Ocular cut to make the colored gemstones, we give them a subtle glow in various colors.

Photos below taken April 30,2016.



Night Glow Diamond Earrings

•.50ct total diamond weight to 1.0ct total diamond weight in 14kt or 18kt white or yellow gold. 
• choice of afterglow...Caribbean Blue, Blue Ice, or SeaFoam Green. 

Caribbean Blue...is a vivid transparent medium blue coloration similar to the waters of Bora Bora or the most vivid blue waters of the tropics. 

Blue Ice....resembles the electric blue color of the rare Arctic Ice & is a slightly whiter afterglow then the Caribbean Blue.

Seafoam Green. Is the brightest Afterglow of the three colors and resembles the seas beautiful green foam from the wave action of the sea.


Glow of the Caribbean

Influenced by the translucent bluish green waters of the Virgin Islands

The Monastery Collection

Influenced by the Sisters of St. Benedict, Ferdinand IN. 

The Sisters of St. Benedict will be working hand in hand to develop and promote this upcoming religious line of Night Glow jewelry. The entire staff at Night Glow is excited to start this long term collaboration.


We are also pleased to announce the new

Bereavement Pendant

"May the perpetual light shine upon you". 

A spouse or family member's ashes will be reverently placed into a 14K gold sealed pendant with a .15ct round Ocular Brand Diamond placed appropriately in the center that will have the subtle glow forever reminding us of the perpetual life of the loved one who has gone before us.

We will also offer engraving with dates, names and hand carved monogramming tastefully done at your request.



New Night Glow Ring!

Sheila A. of Jasper Indiana just received her new Night Glow ring with a .67ct Ocular round diamond set into 14K Russian Rose Gold with Chocolate diamonds down the side panels.

The glow is Seafoam Green & the photos were taken with an iPhone.  The one on the right showing the glowing diamond after a couple seconds of Night Glow Pen Light shined directly on the diamond. 

Images taken June 15, 2017.

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